The Journey Begins

If you are a hippie at heart, like me, you have often thought about what it would like to get rid of everything you have and live in a van. Think of the freedom you could have if you didn’t have to pay for a place to sleep and could make dinner. But, on the other hand, the thought of just leaving your end tables behind to enter a world of not knowing where you are going to rest is scary. Very scary.

  • What if someone steals your home?
  • What if it breaks down?
  • What about pooping?
  • Showering?
  • Things you haven’t thought of yet?!?

Deciding to live the vanlife

The hardest part of this entire journey was making the decision to just do it. I met someone that told me that I could do anything I wanted in life if I just did it. So, I did it. I was lucky enough to have a great friend (Co-Owner of The Van Plan, Casey) let me borrow her driveway and live there while I completed this build.

I live part-time in my van and it has opened doors to opportunities that I couldn’t have dreamed. I currently work super strange hours on the electrical systems of cargo ships, and sometimes can’t go home for days. The van is the perfect solution. Plus, I am always ready for an adventure. I have all of my climbing and backpacking gear inside, a surfboard on the roof, and a bike on the back. On any day of the week, you’ll find me waking up by the water, drinking a pot of coffee, and getting ready to surf. For free.

After building one of these for myself and making it exactly the way that I wanted, I decided that I want to do that for other people. I have a formal education in electronics and tons of experience working on airplanes, helicopters, cars, and for now, cargo ships.

If you are looking for advice on your build or live in the Los Angeles area and would like help on van related projects, or even buying a finished to your liking van from me. Send me a message I would be more than happy to help.

But I found my passion in old hippie vans.

Get in the van

If you are looking for advice on your build or buying a fully customized and finished van, send me a message I would be more than happy to help. In LA? I’m on the west side, let’s get together.

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