A reader lives a thousand lives

This past year while building my Club Wagon, I focused on replacing Netflix with books and a read a ton of them. Having a book to read at the end of the day after working on the van was clutch. No matter what you’re doing all day, settling down with a good book just feels right.

I highly recommend checking these out at your local library or downloading them on your Kindle or Kindle App. I read about one new book a month, and Kindle Unlimited is perfect for me. When you sign up here you’ll get a free month. Plus with the Good Reads App, you can share your books with your homies.

If you have ever dreamed of hopping on a train living your life for the day and not caring what is on the other side of tomorrow Jack Kerouac books are for you. (On the Road and the Dharma Bums)

7-Day Financial Fix: Getting your money right one step at a time

I don’t do “self-help” books but this one caught my attention (it’s free!). It’s a thoughtful approach to personal finance and part journaling exercises. The author is able to present money as a tool that anyone can use and shows you how to make it work for you.

If you like the stories about a sad apathetic degenerate (who doesn’t!) read anything written by Charles Bukowski. Post Office, Factotum, Women.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Anyone who has ever gone on a drug bender will have an appreciation for Hunter S. Thompson.

William S. Burroughs offers the reader the perspective of the world through the eyes of a well educated and intelligent junky in the 1950s. (Naked Lunch, Junky)


If you have not read this, read it. It’s the first science fiction novel, and it was written by a woman. This book is important and one of my all-time favorites.


A story of a woman who grows tired of her normal life to hike the PCT and find herself on the trail.

The Devil in the White City

Wonderfully documented versions of American and World history. The beginning of the modern age of architecture, workers and woman’s rights, electrical innovation, and H.H. Holmes set to the backdrop of The Chicago’s World Fair.


This book is a scientific look at the afterlife and a super interesting read. The author interviews and takes reports from the people who are researching things like reincarnation, psychic-mediums, ghosts, and astral projection.

Into the Wild


The Wanting Seed

A dark, satirical, and eye-opening view of The Man by Anthony Burgess.

The Art of Racing in the rain

Told from the view of self-aware golden retriever that’s into Indy racing. Great story.


When you can’t find a great story, write your own. This last few years of my life have brought the most monumental change and I am grateful to have documented the van build and all of the weird stuff that has happened.

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