2005 Land Rover Discovery weekend camper

I was contacted by someone with the great idea of building out adventure vehicles to rent (think like Airbnb on wheel). Since he didn’t have the time, skills, or experience to see the project through he hired me on. I thought it was a great idea and I jumped at the opportunity to do something new and creative.

Figuring out how to build the weekend camper

He explained to me everything he wanted to do to the Land Rover and it is absolutely possible with the amount of interior space of the Discovery.

He wanted:

A bed big enough to comfortably sleep

A slide-out drawer that works as a kitchenette

Water storage tanks

A movie projector

A roof rack and awning

Refrigerator and full electrical

An all wood interior

We set the deadline for a month away and I got to work. He presented me the Discovery as a empty shell with only the driver’s seat remaining.

Everything I used to build out the interior

Chop saw

Two 18V cordless drills

Circular saw

Jig saw

Oscillating saw



Straight edge

Tape measure


Building Materials:


⅜’s Pine ply

½ Birch Ply

#9 3 in Construction Screws

#6 1 ¼ Construction screws

First up: Installing the subfloor

I started with the subfloor, which I framed out of 2×3’s and used ⅜ inch plywood to make a solid foundation. I worked with the step down from the back to fit the drawer and electrical in while keeping the maximum amount of headroom.

Next up, we’ll get into how I built the bed.

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