5 reasons why it’s better to have a van at a festival

There is not a single con for having a van at a festival. In all ways, it is better than sleeping on the ground.

  1. It’s cool. Van lifers run wild checking out what other vans and setups. It’s a great opportunity to see what people are doing with their tiny spaces, and an even better opportunity to show off what you have.
  2. It’s comfortable. Having a fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables will be the only thing keeping you alive during a week at Burning Man. Not to mention having electricity, running water, and a memory foam bed. Those things are nice, too.
  3. It’s safe. Everyone that has ever gone to a festival knows that there is always a select group of individuals that ransack campsites while everyone else is enjoying the show. A van can lock. Everything of value can be locked away safely.
  4. It’s secure. Hiding drugs has never been easier.
  5. It’s a landmark. There’s nothing easier to spot when you’re stumbling back to camp. Throw a flashing light up high on the roof to use as a navigational beacon, your neighbors will appreciate it, too

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