What to pack for a festival

Getting ready to head out, all packed up

For the mind:

Get quiet. Bring a sleeping mask and earplugs, your retainer, your contacts case, and whatever else you use at night. Get cozy.

Zone out. Bring headphones and download a few guided meditations so you can realign your chi and zen the fuck out.

Wake up. Bring coffee, a way to make it, something to drink it out of, and whatever you like to mix in it.

Bug off. Bring bug spray, you won’t regret it.

Stock up. Better living through chemistry is real and the prices increase when you’re in a contained environment.

For the body:

Food. Even if you plan to eat all of your meals out of food trucks, you should still have snacks at the camp. A good mix of healthy and junk food will be appreciated later.

Comfort. I bring a sweet rug, couch cushions, and camping chairs for sitting around outside of the van.

Shade. A portable awning that you can use for privacy and shade.

Toiletries. Anything you can bring to get clean after a long day of rolling in a field. If you know what I mean. You smell more than you think and everyone will appreciate if you took a bird bath.

  • Facewash
  • Dry shampoo
  • Wet wipes
  • SPF chapstick
  • Deodorant
  • That stuff lifeguards put on their nose?
  • Shower shoes (if there is a shower)
  • Sunscreen

Prophylactics. No one wants to get pregnant in a port-o-potty.

For the soul:

A houseplant. It reminds you to keep yourself alive.

Water. Duh.

Batteries. You’ll need to power up more than you think.

Some music. A portable speaker for relaxing around camp.

A journal. There will be downtime and you’ll need to do something other than drugs.

For the Gram

Say cheese. GoPro or polaroid camera.

Aesthetic. Christmas lights, twinkle lights, candles, or a cool lantern.

Props. Big hats and sunglasses.

Get there in style. Buy a cool retro/modern camper van from the Van Plan.

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