The build: 1975 Ford Econoline E-250 Campervan

I found this dope 1975 Ford Econoline E-250 Campervan for sale on the world-wide-web. I reached out to the dude who owned it and met a rad old hippie surfer that was pumped to hear what my plans were for his surfing van. Sight unseen, I had this beauty shipped from the desert to my shop in Signal Hill, CA.

This van sleeps 4 and is in amazing shape; no leaks and only 33k miles on the 351 Windsor and C4 transmission. The only rust is on the hood and even that looks cool. The interior living space was exactly as it was built in 1975. Green shag and particle board. Everything is coming out.

Check out the progress here:

For this build, we wanted to keep the cool classic character that this piece of history has to offer but also offer all of the amenities of modern campervans. The exterior is staying the way that it is, bitchin’, while the interior is getting a massive upgrade. Hardwood flooring, a butcher block counter, custom cabinets, huge futon, custom live edge table top, a fancy cooktop, sink, and faucet, a movie projector and wireless sound system, plus full electrical including solar and a battery charger.
This van will be for sale once it’s complete. For now, we plan to build it on spec, but if you’re interested in putting down a deposit and guiding the project to your liking, we can definitely do that.

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