Services offered

If you’re just looking for a little help from a pro to finish a one-off job, that’s me.

If you’re looking for a complete build, that’s also me.

More than 10 years of electrical engineering, building, designing, and perfecting.

Solar design & installation

Electrical wiring

Heating and cooling installation

Windows and fan installation

Accessory installation (think bike racks and awnings)

Fair and upfront pricing

Electrical Diagnosis  (Home Depot in Marina Del Rey or the shop)$100
Electrical Diagnosis  (up to 1 hour away)$100
Phone Consultation Free
Repair on site$50/hr + parts & travel
Solar Installation$400 per day + parts
Carpentry/ Construction$400 per day + supplies
Electrical$400 per day + supplies
Isolation Relay Installation$200 + parts
Fan Installation$200 + parts
Custom Electrical Plan w/ parts list and schematic$100, counts toward deposit

Full Build Project Packages starting at $7,000

Want it all? I can do that.

  • Subfloor
  • Floor
  • Cabinet framing
  • Bed
  • Kitchenette
  • Sink and Water System
  • Electrical
  • Solar Panel System

Contact me to get started today

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