Services offered

If you’re just looking for a little help from a pro to finish a one-off job, that’s me.

If you’re looking for a complete build, that’s also me.

More than 10 years of electrical engineering, building, designing, and perfecting.

Solar design & installation

Electrical wiring

Heating and cooling installation

Windows and fan installation

Accessory installation (think bike racks and awnings)

Fair and upfront pricing

Electrical Diagnosis ย (Home Depot in Marina Del Rey or the shop)$100
Electrical Diagnosis ย (up to 1 hour away)$100
Phone Consultation Free
Repair on site$50/hr + parts & travel
Solar Installation$400 per day + parts
Carpentry/ Construction$400 per day + supplies
Electrical$400 per day + supplies
Isolation Relay Installation$200 + parts
Fan Installation$200 + parts
Custom Electrical Plan w/ parts list and schematic$100, counts toward deposit

Full Build Project Packages starting at $7,000

Want it all? I can do that.

  • Subfloor
  • Floor
  • Cabinet framing
  • Bed
  • Kitchenette
  • Sink and Water System
  • Electrical
  • Solar Panel System

Contact me to get started today

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